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Huck 2020 Competition


2020 has been a terrible year throwing uncertainty into all of our lives; this is why we are saying HUCK2020!!!

We would like you to join us in saying Huck 2020 with us by Hucking your bike as hard as you can. 

To celebrate the end of the year and for everybody to send it off with their greatest Huck, Beyond The Tape has gathered some sweet sponsors and holding an epic competition. 

When is it? 

All Entries must be posted between the 1st and 25th of November 2020.  

How do you enter? 

First, you upload a 10-30 second video of your Huck to Instagram (no stories) 

Next, you follow @beyondthetape.podcast, @nsdynamics, @hucktheworldco, @krushoz, and @revolutionmtbmag

When you upload, you must also tag the above in your post along with using the hashtag #huck2020

How is it judged?

Technicality: This criterion will judge the takeoff, terrain, landing, and overall skill needed for the Huck. 

Huckwittery: The size of the Huck, the sound you make when you land, the sketchiness, and overall spirit of the Huck. 

Scenery: This will judge where the Huck is located and the overall look of the Huck. For example, a huck out the front of your house won’t be regarded as favourably as a huck in the forest. 

All categories carry the same weight, so if you send it massive with a tech landing, it will outdo a simple small huck in the best location. 

How will a winner be decided? 

On the 25th the top 16 videos will be decided. Based on their similarity, they will be paired with a rival. Using an Instagram poll you, the fans will judge on the top 8, then the top 4, then 1st 2nd, and 3rd. 

What the Huck will you win???

1st Prize 

 $200 NSDynamics Service Voucher

Huck The World Tech Tee 

One year subscription to [R]evolution MTB Magazine + Issue #59

Krush Oz Bike Care Kit 

2nd Prize

 $100 NSDynamics Service Voucher

Huck The World Hat, Socks and stickers

One year subscription to [R]evolution MTB Magazine

Krush Oz Rapid Wash + Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser

3rd Prize 

NSDynamics Slapper Tape and Marsh Guard 

Huck The World Socks and stickers

One year subscription to [R]evolution MTB Magazine

Krush Oz Chain Lube. 








Episode 37: Chatting with Gary Patterson about Trail building, early MTB, And the effects of E-Bikes


Garry was one of the first people I wrote down on the list of people I wanted to talk to when I first started the podcast. He has been around since mountain biking started in the late ’80s. Progressing from technical fire roads to the bike parks we have today, Garry has seen it all. Now he is the Head of one of Australias biggest trail building companies with people stationed all over the country. We have a chat about his begging in MTB, Building tracks for everyone, and the impact of E-Bikes on trails. I hope you enjoy it.

As always we are lucky enough to be supported by NSDunamics, Australias premier suspension tuning service. Head over to https://nsdynamics.com.au/ and book your service now. Huck the world has kept me comfortable for a long time now. If you want to ride, work, or rest in comfort, head over to hucktheworld.com.au and get some sick kit.

Episode 35: Chatting with Connor about riding bikes and keeping humble

Connor Fearon, what else do I need to say?

He is one of the most humble and down to earth humans in mountain biking. Known all around the world as one of the best at cornering, the most stylish on the bike, and yet if you were to see him on the trail he acts like an everyday bloke. That is probably the reason he has been the most requested guest for the podcast. I was super stoked to have him on and I hope I have done the episode justice.

As always, a huge shout out to NSDynamics for keeping the podcast running. Their support means the world. Huck the world has kept me comfortable on and off the bike for the last year and I can’t recommend their kit enough. Use beyondthetape10 to get 10 percent off their kit. Jordo from FSR Media house made our voices sound the best and hit him up for all your video or audio needs.

Episode 34: Talking about coming up in MTB media with Neville Jemson

In this episode, I sat down and chatted with Neville Jemson (@nevjem). We chat about his unique style of photography, his graphic design background, and his entrance into the MTB world.

As always this episode was brought to you by NSDynamics, the premier suspension service centre in Australia.

Huck the World clothing has been keeping me comfy while on the bike. Use Beyondthetape10 to get 10 percent off your next order.

The episode was produced by FSR Media house. If you need any media work done make sure to hit up jordo and he will get your sorted.


Episode 33: Talking Racing in the 90’s, Massive injuries, and the transition to 24 hr racing with John Waddell

When I was getting into the sport as an early teen I would often see John Wadell’s name in all the big magazines.

As one of the pioneers in the sport, he has seen everything from racing Downhill on a bike with V-Brakes to racing 24-hour events on a bike 10 times safer. The story behind the transition from fast-paced risky downhill to 24-hour races is even crazier than the transition itself. In 2003 John had a huge crash resulting in massive brain trauma and John being in a coma for 26 days. We chat about his rehab and his unbelievable calm attitude towards the recovery.

As always huge shout out to NSDynamics for keeping the podcast going and keeping my bike’s suspension running better than ever. Huck The World has also come on board as an official sponsor and now and is offering 10% off to all our listeners using the discount code beyondthetape10. Also FSR media for producing the best quality audio, this podcast would be nothing without him.

Episode 31: Grant Allen, Australias best freerider and all round legend.

Episode 31…….
I am completely honoured to have one of my childhood heroes on the podcast. Grant Allen, Australias greatest Freerider and one of the most positive humans I have ever met.
He was the guy everyone had stories about when I was a child. “Did you hear Grant jumped, 50ft?”. “My brother’s uncles mate named John said Grant dropped 90ft at eagle”. These were all common sentences heard in our scene at the time.
We have a chat about how Grant came into the sport, how he approached hitting huge gaps and the stories from the original rampage. It was humbling to hear his simple and positive approach to a life-changing injury that sent him on a different path.
As always thanks to NSDynamics for supporting the podcast. They are the best when it comes to suspension servicing in Australia. Their web store is down for maintenance but, you can still call or email if you want to get your suspension needs sorted. This episode was produced by FSR Media house if you need your media work taken to the next level hit up Jordo. Thanks to Huck The World for keeping me fresh in the best threads in town.

Also HUGE thanks to Ryan Finlay and Revolution for the photos.

Make sure you take a look at the article we did together over at https://revolutionmtb.com.au/pro-bike-check-grant-allens-trek-session/

Hope you enjoy this episode

EPISODE 30: Shaun Hughes, Team Yeti Mechanic.

In this episode I was lucky enough to sit down with the mechanics mechanic, Shaun Hughes. We have a chat about his humble beginnings, moving up the ladder in shops, and then his kind of odd road into the world cup circuit. He has been a mechanic to some of the fastest people in the world and we chat about the pressure in those situations. Of course, the topic of Covid-19 made an appearance as it has thrown his schedule into a blender.

Thanks to NSDynamics for supporting the podcast. They have been supporting me for a while and I have been so stoked with their service. Huck the World has been keeping me warm and their kit is the best for riding in comfort without looking like you are still in your pjs.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. Don’t forget to tell your friends and leave reviews on I-Tunes to boost podcast numbers.

BEYOND BORDERS: Ben Plenge from Strength Factory.

This is the first episode of BEYOND BORDERS. A sub series of Beyond The Tape, where essentially I find rad people doing cool things, just all over the world. This will be an additional 1 episode per month to add a little extra to what I am already doing with Beyond the tape which will remain as 2 episodes per month.

In this episode we have Ben Plenge the head trainer and owner of Strength Factory training. He has an interesting way of getting to where he is now, studied Geography,  entered the army, and then became a PT. We chat about training, covid and everything in between. He has also offered a discount to any listeners, use beyondthetape when signing up and save %20 until the end of June.

You can check out and join The Complete MTB Programme after the jump here. https://thestrengthfactory.uk/complete-mtb-programme-trail-end-2/
Follow Ben at

Insta @strengthfactory_coach

Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/mtbstrengthfactory/

Don’t forget to head to NSDynamics over at NSDynamics.com.au
And Huck the World will sort you out with some sweet gear.
Thanks to everyone for the support and I hope you enjoy



Episode 28: positive thinking, racing, and training with Sian A’hern

In this episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with one of the raddest people I know, Sian A’hern. We met in Bright when I was covering the national champs and she is by far one of the most welcoming and positive personalities I have ever come across. Her attitude towards working hard while maintaining a strong focus on fun is the true underlying key to her success. To hear her views on women riding was truly refreshing and really made sense. If you can’t tell already I was super happy with this episode and I hope you are as well.

Title photo by Nick Waygood

As always thanks to Craftworks for keeping the podcast running smoothly. FSR media for producing a product way better than I ever could. NSDynamics for keeping my bike on the ground and feeling plush. A huge shout of to HUCK THE world for keeping me dry over the last week with their new trail jacket. If you want to help support the podcast then jump over to beyondthetape.com and buy some merch.


Episode 27: a deeper dive with Jai Motherwell

In this Episode we catch up with Jai and see what he has been up to since we last chatted. We go deep into the hard times and the fun times.

Really enjoyed this chat and hope this becomes a regular thing.


Thanks again to NSD, Craftworks, Huck The World and [R]evolution for keeping this thing going. Keep safe