Monthly Archives: October 2020

Episode 38: Talking with Australia’s biggest MTB prospect, Cassie Voysey

In this episode we chat with Cassie Voysey. She is by far one of the fastest riders in Australia at the moment and she is absolutely flying. She first got my attention when she absolutely greased a section in front of me at National champs. She has a super positive attitude along with a hard work ethic. I can’t wait to see what is in her future.

We talk bout sponsorship, world champs, and what it is like being an up and coming rider in Australia.

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Episode 37: Chatting with Gary Patterson about Trail building, early MTB, And the effects of E-Bikes


Garry was one of the first people I wrote down on the list of people I wanted to talk to when I first started the podcast. He has been around since mountain biking started in the late ’80s. Progressing from technical fire roads to the bike parks we have today, Garry has seen it all. Now he is the Head of one of Australias biggest trail building companies with people stationed all over the country. We have a chat about his begging in MTB, Building tracks for everyone, and the impact of E-Bikes on trails. I hope you enjoy it.

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Episode 36: Talking Racing, Marketing, and Crazy injuries with Caroline Buchanan

Episode 36 is a big one. In this episode, I was lucky enough to have a chat with Caroline Buchanan, arguably Australias most decorated riders. We chat about the transition from BMX to MTB, her early start in riding, and how she has managed to build her brand bigger than any other in the sport. If you are looking to progress in the riding world, this is a must-listen!!

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