Monthly Archives: February 2020

Episode 23: Talking tuning with Steve Mathews of VORSPRUNG


In this episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with one of the biggest influences on modern-day suspension, Steve Mathews.

We chat about getting into riding, making his way as an engineer, and identifying a niche in the Canadian market. The chat also ends with a heavy tech focus where Steve shares his ideas on market trends. It was a pleasure to sit down with a super-intelligent man with a huge passion for our sport.

As always huge thanks to NSDynamics for their support. They have absolutely killed it with the service they have provided me and if you want your suspension to work better than new hit up Aaron and the crew A.S.A.P. Also huge shout out to Craftworks Cycles for continually supporting this venture. Use BTT10 to get 10% of a bike of your choice.

Episode 22: Chatting about Training, Bike Setup and Changing styles with Jon Odams


In this episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with Jon Odams. A racer who has raced DH, XC, Enduro and Stage racing at a really high level. We have a chat about bike setup, getting into the sport, and how his diversity helps in all of his riding.

Thanks to Craftworks for supporting this episode along with NSDynamics. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them so jump over to their website and show them some love.