Monthly Archives: November 2019

Episode 21: Talking retail, creating a brand, and career changes with Michael Graham

In this episode, I chat with entrepreneur Michael Graham. We have a chat with him about changing careers, getting into product design, and opening up a bike shop. Hopefully, you get as much out of it as I did. Jump over to and get some of those tech tees, you will thank me later.


Don’t forget to jump over to Craftworks and show them some love. They are building amazing bikes with very little budget. If you already have a bike and want to make it perform better, send the suspension up to NS Dynamics and get it tuned for you. They offer packages to make your current suspension feel worlds different, products that will slide right into your existing chassis, and a knowledge base that can answer all your tuning questions.


Thanks for listening.

Episode 20: Chatting about Training, Racing, and mixing music with Evan James

In this episode, I had the opportunity to talk with one of Australia’s silent people from behind the scenes. Evans sporting life has taken many turns and we chat about his many skills outside of sport as well. I feel like we could have kept talking for hours and I hope you enjoy the episode.

Huge thanks to craft works for supporting the podcast. Jump over to and check out their amazing bike. Also, if you want to support the podcast directly, grab a tee from