Monthly Archives: September 2019

Episode 17: Chatting about Racing, Wrenching, and Tattoos with Lachlan McKillop

In this episode, we chat with Lachlan McKillop about what it’s like to wrench for teams, race at a high level, and what training other mechanics at STU. For those outside the “industry”, we describe what STU is and how good SRAM is at providing good dealer service. Really happy to share his story with all of you.

Don’t forget to head over and check out  to see their beautiful bikes.


Huge thanks to Boris “Mad Dog Boris” Beyer for letting me use his photo.

Episode 16: Chatting with The Mothership about Freeride and Trail Building


In this episode, I chat with Jai Motherwell about his career in Mountain biking, the freeride MTB scene, and Trail Building. Jai has had a varied history in MTB and it’s been a wild ride. He is not shy to send it both on and off the bike, with a strong passion to party on both as well. I was super stoked to chat with him and it shows because this is our longest episode yet.

Thanks again to Craftworks Cycles for all their support, I am still loving the bike and stoked to be working with them. Huge thanks to Jordo from FSR Media House for making my voice sound way better and for fitting my requests in his busy schedule. Don’t forget to jump over to and check out the range.