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Episode 12: Aaron Pelttari- Talking bike tech, winning races, and what it’s like on the circuit.

In this episode I got to sit down with a good friend and one of the worlds best mechanics, Aaron Pelttari. We sat down at his place in Radelaide while he was on a short break before heading back out for a 6 week tour. We talk how he got into riding, why he became a mechanic, and what it is like to work for world no.1 (at the time)  Troy Brosnan.


As always thanks to my sponsors Craftworks cycles. Jordo and Hugh have been supporting me since the start and in 2 weeks you will be able to support the cause as well.

Episode Eleven: Suspension Wizard Aaron of NSDynamics


In Episode 11 I sit down with the brains behind Australia’s leading suspension tuning company, NSDynamics. We have a chat about suspension theory, dealing with faulty products, and how he got started. Don’t forget to head over to their site and check it out for yourself.

Huge thanks to Craftworks for supporting me and the podcast. Shout out to Alan from Dirtsurfer for running the promotion up until today.

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