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Beyond The Tape: Episode 3 – Craftworks Cycles



In this episode we sit down with the chief engineer Hugh and sale/marketing guru Jordo from Craftwork Cycles. The boys have been working hard on creating a unique bike that pedals efficiently, soaks up the hard hits, and pumps like a demon. It is a tough ask and we delve into how they do it and, maybe more important, why they do it. We go through their history in the sport, how they came up with the concept, and how they go about producing a bit of an out there bike.

At the end of the episode I announce some exciting new so stay until the end.

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Beyond The Tape- Episode 2: Cameron Ryan

In this episode we talk to Cam Ryan. Cam is one off the nicest and modest guys I know. You can tell just by how nervous he sounds in the first half of the podcast. He has struggled with a few hiccups over the last few years and is making a huge comeback this year. Hopefully this episode sheds some light on the life of a young aspiring EWS racer, what they have to do to be there, and inspires more to give it a good shot. We will be following Cam through the Beyond Tape Instagram account (@beyondthetape.pod) while he races so give us a follow and watch his journey.

You can follow Cam’s insta account via: @camstagra4m

There will be a video accompanying this episode on You Tube. Due to technical difficulties it may be up a day later but, keep your eyes peeled.