Episode 16: Chatting with The Mothership about Freeride and Trail Building


In this episode, I chat with Jai Motherwell about his career in Mountain biking, the freeride MTB scene, and Trail Building. Jai has had a varied history in MTB and it’s been a wild ride. He is not shy to send it both on and off the bike, with a strong passion to party on both as well. I was super stoked to chat with him and it shows because this is our longest episode yet.

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Episode 15: Talking Changing Lives and Life Changes with Lighthouse Youth Projects.

In this episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with two personal hero’s Jamie Moore and Ryan Lloyd. Jamie and Ryan are the brains behind Light House Youth Projects, a not for profit organisations that change peoples lives using bikes. In this episode, we chat about the catalyst that leads to them starting the company, how they are changing lives for the better, and how they got introduced to bikes.

As an added Extra here is an old edit of Ryans that just shows how hard he can shred. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgaVVH0uXTU

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Episode 14- Talking Racing, Family, and injuries with Josh Carslon


In Episode 14 I am stoked to sit down with one of my idols, Josh Carlson. He is an absolute animal on a bike, sponsors dream, and an all-round top bloke. You cant tell just how stoked he is on life by the liveliness in his voice and the passion in his words. Really happy to see him back in Aus and being a part of the growing Wollongong Scene.


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Episode 13: Simon French – Manager of Dirt Art and the visionary behind Maydena.


Simon French has a strong past in the Australian mountain bike industry. In this episode, we talk about his pathway through the industry, his unusual deviation in careers, and how he opened the biggest bike park in Australia.

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Episode 12: Aaron Pelttari- Talking bike tech, winning races, and what it’s like on the circuit.

In this episode I got to sit down with a good friend and one of the worlds best mechanics, Aaron Pelttari. We sat down at his place in Radelaide while he was on a short break before heading back out for a 6 week tour. We talk how he got into riding, why he became a mechanic, and what it is like to work for world no.1 (at the time)  Troy Brosnan.


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Episode Eleven: Suspension Wizard Aaron of NSDynamics


In Episode 11 I sit down with the brains behind Australia’s leading suspension tuning company, NSDynamics. We have a chat about suspension theory, dealing with faulty products, and how he got started. Don’t forget to head over to their site and check it out for yourself.

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Episode Ten- Talking Gear Boxes, Building The Bike You Want, and Breaking Trends


In episode ten I sat down with Rob Metz, the founder and creator behind Zerode Bicycle. We talk about building bikes, creating a product you want to ride, and his innovations. I really learnt a lot talking to rob and I hope you do to.

Again, thanks to Jordo from FSR Industries for the production. Craftworks cycles for providing my ride and supporting the podcast. I also have some possible big news coming up in the future so stay tuned.

Beyond The Tape Episode 9: Brook Macdonald, World Cup Racer and all round legend.


In this episode I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with none other than the legend himself, Brook Macdonald. We chat about racing, injuries, and the road back to the bike. We also have a chat about how he first got to the world cups and what it takes to get on that top step.

As per usual huge thanks to Jordo from FSR Media for the Production, to the legends at Craftworks for keeping merolling, and Dirtsurfer for keeping the mud off my face.I am super happy with how this turned out, if you want to listen to more follow me at beyondthetape.podcast on instagram, subscribe where all good podcasts are casted, and I would love any feedback to make this better.

Beyond The Tape Episode 8: Talking Shop and Racing with Will Rischbieth.

In Episode 8 I sat down with Will Rischbieth from Will Ride bike shop. Will is a magician on a bike and  has been at the top of the game. We discuss what its like for two Aussies to travel in  a van, what it’s like to be at the top of the game. We also talk about his entrepreneurship when it comes to open one of Australia’s pioneering E-Bike stores and the exciting news of a second location.

As always, huge thanks to Jordo from FSR for producing the audio. Craftworks for keeping me rolling on dirt. And most of all, thanks to you for listening.

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Beyond The Tape Episode 7: Cameron Wright


Just in time for the the 1st round of the XC world cup in Albstadt I sat down with Giant Factory Racing’s newest member Cameron Wright. We talk about how Cam got into racing, what it was like training in his birth country South Africa, and his goals for the future. During conversation we also cover topics like training and what it was like to become World Champ in 2017.

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