Episode 21: Talking about wrenching and achieving big goals with Alex Presant

Welcome back for 2020!!

Stoked to have World Cup Mechanic Alex Presant on board for this episode. Starting in W.A. and slowly making his way onto the world cup circuit, Alex has never been short of drive or passion. I am stoked to have spent the time chatting with him as it was so inspiring to go out and work hard towards your goals.

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Solo Cast: 2020 Plans

In this episode, I talk about how good 2019 was and the plans for 2020.

Beyond the is expanding into more video and some written content. The plan is to open a Patreon account for those who want more input into the podcast and a good bi-monthly newsletter/online Mag/blog. This is going to be super cheap and just to help me get to event and hopefully increase coverage on the national scene.

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Thanks, everyone for a massive 2019 and let’s make 2020 huge.

Episode 21: Talking retail, creating a brand, and career changes with Michael Graham

In this episode, I chat with entrepreneur Michael Graham. We have a chat with him about changing careers, getting into product design, and opening up a bike shop. Hopefully, you get as much out of it as I did. Jump over to hucktheworld.com and get some of those tech tees, you will thank me later.


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Thanks for listening.

Episode 20: Chatting about Training, Racing, and mixing music with Evan James

In this episode, I had the opportunity to talk with one of Australia’s silent people from behind the scenes. Evans sporting life has taken many turns and we chat about his many skills outside of sport as well. I feel like we could have kept talking for hours and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Episode 19: Talking growing up in the mountains, Event organising and MTB culture with Tim Windshuttle

In this episode, I sat down with the organiser of Australias biggest gravity focused mountain bike festival, the Cannonball Festival. We chat about moving down from the sea to the mountains, the transition from snowboarding to mountain biking, and how the idea for the festival came about.

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Episode 18: Talking world champs, family racing, and injury with Kye A’Hern

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with the recently crowned, junior world champion, Kye A’Hern. We talk about growing up in an elite sporting family, the difference of world champs, and what it’s like joining a team with Troy Brosnan.

As always, I would like to thank the legends at Craftworks Cycles and FSR Media House for all the support.

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Episode 17: Chatting about Racing, Wrenching, and Tattoos with Lachlan McKillop

In this episode, we chat with Lachlan McKillop about what it’s like to wrench for teams, race at a high level, and what training other mechanics at STU. For those outside the “industry”, we describe what STU is and how good SRAM is at providing good dealer service. Really happy to share his story with all of you.

Don’t forget to head over and check out Craftworks.com  to see their beautiful bikes.


Huge thanks to Boris “Mad Dog Boris” Beyer for letting me use his photo.

Episode 16: Chatting with The Mothership about Freeride and Trail Building


In this episode, I chat with Jai Motherwell about his career in Mountain biking, the freeride MTB scene, and Trail Building. Jai has had a varied history in MTB and it’s been a wild ride. He is not shy to send it both on and off the bike, with a strong passion to party on both as well. I was super stoked to chat with him and it shows because this is our longest episode yet.

Thanks again to Craftworks Cycles for all their support, I am still loving the bike and stoked to be working with them. Huge thanks to Jordo from FSR Media House for making my voice sound way better and for fitting my requests in his busy schedule. Don’t forget to jump over to Craftworks.com.au and check out the range.

Episode 15: Talking Changing Lives and Life Changes with Lighthouse Youth Projects.

In this episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with two personal hero’s Jamie Moore and Ryan Lloyd. Jamie and Ryan are the brains behind Light House Youth Projects, a not for profit organisations that change peoples lives using bikes. In this episode, we chat about the catalyst that leads to them starting the company, how they are changing lives for the better, and how they got introduced to bikes.

As an added Extra here is an old edit of Ryans that just shows how hard he can shred. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgaVVH0uXTU

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Episode 14- Talking Racing, Family, and injuries with Josh Carslon


In Episode 14 I am stoked to sit down with one of my idols, Josh Carlson. He is an absolute animal on a bike, sponsors dream, and an all-round top bloke. You cant tell just how stoked he is on life by the liveliness in his voice and the passion in his words. Really happy to see him back in Aus and being a part of the growing Wollongong Scene.


Huge thanks to Jordo and Hugh from Craftworks for the ongoing support. Head over to their site and use BTT-10 for ten percent off a wicked rig.